Leipzig 25-27.8.2017
Zagreb 11-18.12.2017

Is there a situation that allows us to step out of its respective frame? One that permits us to go beyond prescribed social protocols of interaction and trespass into the unknown? A situation that allows us to take the risk to temporarily embody collectivity, examine and play with tacit power relations, to shake up fixed roles? It could be a community is an exercise of common agency, a performative display, a collaborative situation developed, tested, and transported in/between KV Leipzig and Pogon Jedinstvo Zagreb. It suggests a surface for relating multifarious modes of interaction: conversation, movement, image, analysis, discussion, fiction – thereby granting performativity to all actors within the unfolding situation. Through the course of these joint practices, we pose the questions: how could hierarchies be destabilized? How could agencies be redistributed and how could a novel order of communication, of social organization and creative practice be established in the form of a newly arising collective?

fr 25.8. 20 Uhr – Situation 1
'Local Area Network Kolonnaden Kon-Tiki' by Elli Kuruş
21 Uhr Séance of performance fantasy facilitated by Marko Gutić Mižimakov and Silvia Marching

sa 26.8. 16 – 19 Uhr – Situation 2
Séance of performance fantasy

so 27.8. Situation 3 & 4
13 – 15 Uhr workshop,screening, coaching 'Stellarteams - Fascination of Mind' by Kristina Semenova and Lea Vene
15 – 19 Uhr Tarot - Collectivity is a Carnal Expirience'

Situations introduced by Pavle Heidler, Elli Kuruş, Silvia Marchig,
Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Sonja Pregrad, Kristina Semenova,
Lea Vene
Guest artist: Barbara Kleinhamplová

A Project in cooperation with Бükü – bureau for cultural translations Leipzig. The project is a result of a three year exchange 2015 – 2017 framed by the project Intercity/Switchcity. Funded by Goethe Institut Zagreb, Ministery of Culture of Croatia,
City of Zagreb.
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